3 Electrical Upgrades That Will Make Your Office More Productive

As a place of business, an office needs to be organised for safety and productivity purposes. When you have some time to improve your office, small electrical upgrades can make a huge difference. Thankfully you don’t need to be an interior designer to make your commercial office space more productive, you just need to find a certified electrician.


Have you ever found your eyes feeling a little blurry after a long day in the office?While eye strain can be caused by the overuse of screen time (computers and phones), insufficient lighting can also cause eye irritation and headaches in severe cases. Many offices use linear fluorescent lighting, however the clean light of LED bulbs is starting to take the commercial market by storm.Why is this? Surprisingly, light output can also affect your office’s productivity. In a white paper released by RMI (the Rocky Mountain Institute), a new light system, in the office, was found to improve the productivity of the company’s operations by an estimated $500,000.

If a full office lighting renovation is outside your current budget, don’t worry- there are other more affordable electrical upgrades you can use. Instead of adding brighter lighting in your entire office space, simply add a few desk lamps to your employee’s work space. It may be a small gesture, but it will give their eyes a little extra help during those dark winter months.


Have you ever struggled to correct the position of your mouse cord? Have you ever accidentally kicked the wiring under your desktop computer? These are both common electrical nuisance’s employees have to struggle against during their day-to-day functions.

Keeping computer cables organized is an excellent way to prevent yourself from becoming distracted by meaningless problems. Particularly in companies offering digital services, an ergonomic computer space is essential for high productivity.Thanks to countless companies with innovative ideas, there are hundreds of affordable inventions, like desk grommets that can help your employees stay organised.


Did you know that visual information is processed 60,000 times quicker than data communicated verbally? Large corporations do! Because visuals are often just as important as verbal information, it’s important to incorporate images,slides, and even videos into your sales presentations. In fact, studies have shown that prospects are 85% more likely to purchase something after being exposed to a video about it.

Having a dedicated meeting room equipped with the latest technology is a great way to show potential clients you mean business. Slideshow projectors are one popular presentation tool large businesses use to add more value and excitement tot heir sales propositions. Although they can be a big investment up-front, the return you’ll see after holding few sales meetings can make it more than worth it.

Your office environment can heavily impact the work output of your employees.In fact, a study conducted by SHRM found that almost 26% of employee sand 46% of HR professionals find organisation one of their biggest workflow challenges. Because no professional industry will ever lose its competitive nature, it’s important to do everything in your power to create an inherently productive workplace. Even the smallest commercial electrical upgrades (like installing plug-in desk lighting for smaller tasks) can make a world of difference in your office’s overall environment. If you’re interested in making your office more productive, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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