4 Dangerous Professions We Take For Granted

It’s easy to get through an average week without giving too much thought to all of those people out there that help provide the products and services that you need on a daily basis. Some of these people do jobs that are actually very dangerous and it is often just taken for granted that they will do what they do so we can all benefit.

It’s important to respect and recognise those members of our society who take big risks every day so that we can live the kind of lifestyle that we do. The following are just some of the professions who for the most part get taken for granted.


Whether it is an electrician in Brisbane or electrical contractors in the Gold Coast, these talented tradesmen deal with dangerous elements every day that could very easily kill them. While it is true that they have been specially trained to handle electricity as safely as possible, they are still doing a job that is both dangerous and essential to our daily lives. So next time you have to call in a sparky to fix something at your place, be sure to thank them for doing a dangerous job for you.


One of the most dangerous professions in the world is that of the journalist, who often face threats of violence or even death for doing their job of reporting the news from around the world. The danger comes from people who don’t want the truth about a situation to be reported. Their role is obviously very important as, without journalists, it is hard to know what is going on around the world, so the risks that they take have a huge impact on not only what we know about the world but also the way that we look at it.

High Rise Window Cleaners

As more and more of our skyscrapers are being made of glass, the job of the high-rise window cleaner has become one that is in quite high demand. While every precaution is taken getting the cleaners to their ridiculously high windows, it is an extremely dangerous job that, in its worst case, can have a cleaner plummeting hundreds of metres to their death. So next time you find yourself admiring a shining high rise building, remember that someone had to scale that thing so that it could look so clean and shiny.


A massive amount of the products that we use on a daily basis contain some kind of natural element that had to be mined. Every year we hear stories of mine collapses where people lose their lives so that we can make use of these precious natural resources. Miners tend to live close to the mines, so if you live in the city you may not have ever met one, but think about how your cell phone or your television came to be in your possession and you will realise that not only did a lot of effort go into it, but a lot of people took some pretty big risks so that you could have it.


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