5 Reasons Why You Should Drive An Electric Car

Electric cars are the future. They’ve been a popular subject in the public discourse for a fair few years now, but we’re finally at the point where manufacturing is ramping up, prices are falling, and the electric car is entering the mainstream. So what are the benefits of driving an electric car, and why is it becoming a trend?

1.    Forget about fuel

The obvious advantage of driving an electric car is that you no longer need to purchase fuel for it. That alone is an incredibly expensive cost in running a car, and it’s only going to become more expensive over time. Electricity to charge an electric car isn’t free, but is considerably cheaper compared to its petrol fuelled counterparts. If you have solar panels set up on your roof, you can drastically reduce the cost of powering your car, while removing the petrol bill entirely.

2.   Electric cars perform better than petrol cars

Electric cars are lighter thus their accelerating capabilities are surprising. Tesla Model S accelerates from 0 to 96 Kph in just 2.5 seconds, ranking as one of the fastest accelerating cars available in the market.

3.    Long-term saving on running and maintenance cost

The basic structure of a combustion engine has been around for decades now, and while it undoubtedly worked and helped people get around, the time has come for more advanced technology to replace it. Electric cars are built differently, and a lot of wear and tear that you expect on a petrol-based car (for example, on the breaks) will no longer apply.

4.    Efficiency that surpasses its counterparts

Various studies have estimated that running an electric car costs a third as much per km of what it would cost running a normal car.

5.    Better for the environment, better for your health

Electric cars have zero exhaust emissions. So, replacing pollution-creating cars on the roads with electric cars will help to reduce the overall exhaust emissions. This will have immediate positive impact on improving the environment and your physical wellbeing as well.


There really is no reason to continue to use a traditional, petrol-powered car. As with many things, technology has reached the point where it’s able to replace the old way of doing things and offer something fundamentally better. So, when buying your next car, be sure to look into your options with electric cars.

Once you’ve got an electric car, you’ll never need to visit a petrol station again. However, you’ll still need to visit a charging station. As electric cars are becoming more popular, charging stations are appearing more in public places, too.

Shopping malls, for example, often have charging stations to help drivers get to and from the shops. Workplaces will often install them, so workers can use their car for the daily commute. Roadside stops on highways will start soon to offer more charging stations to allow people to recharge their cars throughout their road trips and adventures.



When you purchase an electric car, it’s essential that you get a charging station installed in your home, to be able to fill the battery up overnight or when the car is not in use.

It should go without saying that the such solutions require an electrician to install.


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