Best Ways to Light Your Halloween Pumpkin

The days of pumpkin flambé a la tea light are over. Newer, safer, and far more entertaining ways of lighting your precious Halloween pumpkins now exist. Ranging in price from a slight splurge to amazingly affordable, deviously deck out your pumpkin with the latest LED lighting tricks and treats and banish a boring Halloween.

Safe & Simple Pumpkin Lighting Tricks

These pumpkin LED lighting ideas are inexpensive and easy to implement, and won’t leave you screaming should they become entombed in rotted pumpkin guts:

  • Flameless Candles
    LED flameless candles offer a long battery life and safe, simple operation, creating the illusion of a flickering flame without the fire danger of traditional tea lights. Larger, puck-sized versions provide a superior glow, showcasing layered pumpkin carving far better than weak candlelight.
  • LED Flash Lights
    Bring added dimension to your carving project, strategically positioning small LED flashlights within to create light and shadow.
  • Multicolor LED Light Sticks
    A larger, updated version of the crack-and-go gel versions from trick or treating days passed, today’s multicolor LED light sticks last, come with replaceable batteries, and offer multiple modes of operation like flashing, color changing, and fade in/out sequences. At around a buck a piece at Amazon and other online retailers, these are a multifunctional steal.
  • LED Non-Blinking, Waterproof Lights for Paper Lanterns/Balloons
    Also a steal at less than a buck a piece, these steady-on lights come in your choice of color, and are easily added to pumpkins and other Halloween décor.
  • Pumpkin Porch Light Cover
    Turn your porch light into a pumpkin without magic. While not traditional jack-o-lantern fare, it’s cheap and easy to add a little Halloween festivity to outdoor lighting by simply trimming inexpensive plastic pumpkin buckets and placing them over existing fixtures. Check out this quick how-to video.

Terrifyingly Terrific Pumpkin Lighting Treats

These specialty lighting treats will steal the show!

  • Color Changing Pumpkin Lights
    These slightly more intricate versions of commonly used puck-style pumpkin lights offer changing or programmable color.
  • Mini Strobe Lights
    Steal the show with mini LED strobe lights or color changing, puck-style strobe light varieties to create a sinister sight.
  • Motion Activated Talking Pumpkin Light
    Scare the pants of your neighbors and small children on Halloween with motion activated, talking LED pumpkin lights.
  • Remote Control Pumpkin Lights
    For those tired, harassed moms out there, invest in a remote control or timer operated pumpkin light for just a few dollars more, and indulge in a few extra seconds on the couch.
  • LED Mist Maker
    Add a small bowl of water to your pumpkin, drop this bad boy in, and watch color changing lights and fog froth forth from your pumpkin’s jaws.

Light your pumpkins with the latest LED lighting technology, and avoid shocking Halloween catastrophes. Keep your home up to date with the help of Power Integration.

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