Does Your Commercial Electrical Contractor Make You Nervous—Or Confident?

Hiring an electrical contractor for your major commercial installation isn’t something you do everyday. And choosing between contractors isn’t always easy.

There may be pricing differences you have to take into consideration. And naturally, you’ll want to look at capability and experience. But sometimes there’s a more personal aspect involved in choosing the right commercial contractor—and it can come down to whether your potential contractor makes you feel nervous—or confident.

I’m not talking about personality traits. You don’t have to be best friends with your electrical contractor, but he or she should give you a sense of confidence that the work being done will be done safely and to the highest standards. Here are a couple of areas you can watch out for.

  • How Does Your Prospective Contractor Talk to You? When describing the job that needs to be done, does your contractor explain it to you in terms that make sense to you (without talking down to you)? Does your contractor describe things to you in terms of achieving your goals? Do you end up confident that the work will be done correctly, or are you nervous because you’ve heard a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo that makes no sense to you?
  • Does Your Potential Contractor Give You the Sense That He’s Been Down This Road a Time or Two?There is something very comforting about knowing that your contractor has experience doing what he’s about to undertake for you. Maybe it wasn’t the exact same specifications, but you don’t want a contractor scratching his head or saying, “Wow, we’ve never seen a project like this before!”
  • Does Your Prospective Contractor Get Defensive When You Ask Questions? I understand that there can sometimes be a fine line between asking questions about the process and (ultimately) trusting your contractor to do the job. At some point, you do need to let the electricians do the work they are trained to do. But a contractor who is unwilling to field honest, pertinent questions simply doesn’t inspire confidence.


For more than 20 years we’ve dealt with thousands of clients—both in the residential and commercial sector—and we know how important it is to have confidence in a professional contractor. That’s why we encourage potential clients to review what our clients say about working with us—and how we won their confidence.


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