Innovations That Make Our Homes More Environmentally Friendly

A lot has changed over the years in terms of how we design and build the places that we live. With the environment a bigger concern for people than ever before, our homes have gone from having a hugely negative impact on the environment to showcasing some amazing and earth friendly innovations. The following are some of the great innovations that have made our homes far more environmentally friendly places.


Gone are the days when it’s fine to just leave the lights on all the time, as we have finally realised that our energy sources and natural resources are not in unlimited supply.

One of the most amazing innovations as far as saving energy has been the introduction of sensor based lighting, meaning that the lights will only stay on if there is someone in the room. This brilliant idea has taken the human element out of remembering to turn off unnecessary lighting and is taking care of conserving power for us.

If you only make one upgrade to your home, call in your electrical contractor and get them in to look at your place will be saving you both money and precious resources.


It is really quite staggering how much water an average household uses in an average year, though we are finally starting to make an effort to cut down our water usage with the introduction of half flush toilets. There is rarely a need to use a full flush for your toilet so with almost all newer toilets coming with the option of full or half flush, our homes are finally becoming a bit less wasteful. Even just by using a half flush half the time, you will be saving literally thousands of litres of water every year.


It has taken a really long time, but we have finally worked out that painting our homes and the places we sleep with lead paint is not the best idea. The fumes from paint leech off the wall for years after the wall is painted, so the invention of non-toxic paint really is quite a lifesaver. It has taken quite a lot of trial and error to get to the point of having a high quality paint that offers good coverage while also being non-toxic, though without doubt moving away from toxic paint will be helping us stay healthy for generations to come.

Recycled Products

It used to be considered low class or poor to use second hand products, though as our landfills have filled up, we have started to realise that we have been throwing away tonnes of perfectly good products. This realisation has seen a huge increase in the use of recycled products and meant less new products are needing to be produced to furnish our homes.

While the trend towards second hand products has seen their prices rise, this is obviously still way better for the environment than everyone having to have new stuff all the time.Our homes have finally started to reflect the facts about our environment and that we all need to be less wasteful and more thoughtful about the way that we are living.

It may take a few generations, though we will hopefully be able to get to a point where our homes can be 100% sustainable and totally environmentally friendly places to live.


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