Lighting the way for seniors

Its fair to say that at some retirement villages and independent living communities there may be a number of residents who may be more at high risk of trips and falls if the correct lighting is not available in various places around the complex.

Proper lighting in the right location is critical for the safety of residents who are moving around, often using walking aids, with poor sight and poor hearing. For example, low-shadow lighting can help to prevent missteps and falls and should be considered for communities where older people reside.

Consider elderly residents who are moving in and out of the building. Entrances to buildings should be well-lit and at night also consider that the eye needs to adapt as a person moves from the artificial indoor light to the darkness of outside.

As an elderly resident moves outside, if pathways are too dark or not correctly lit there is a huge risk of trips and falls. It is important that such areas form part of a risk management strategy.

If there are steps on pathways, these should be particularly well lit, as well as signed to warn residents that they are approaching steps or potential hazards. Any external safety signage should also be well lit, so it can still be seen at night and residents do not miss important safety directions.

Whilst it is important that pathways are well lit at night, we also need to consider the energy efficiency of the facility. A sensor light could be a very practical way of over coming this issue, whilst also offering utmost safety for residents. Maintenance of sensor lights is crucial to ensure there is no risk of the sensor not working at the correct time.

Regular scheduled maintenance of all lighting around facilities that are designed for seniors is important. At Power Integrations we can assess your current lighting, recommend improvements, as well as install any new lighting or replace ones that just don’t work anymore.

All of our recommendations will take in to consideration your risk management policy and stringent Health & Safety requirements. We can also design and implement a maintenance schedule that works for your specific property.

Find out how we can plan and manage your lighting here.

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