Smart Lighting Solutions Any Homeowner Can Get Excited About

Smart lighting solutions are making their mark on the lighting industry. The Australian government recently committed $50 million to the development of“smart cities.” With innovations like these happening around us, it’s hard not to admire the revolutionary technology that is now available in the lighting industry. Today, exciting lighting options like control automation,smart bulbs, and an explosion of energy efficient fixtures are changing the way people light their homes.


Smart lighting is helping homeowners live more affordably and with a higher quality of life. Most modern light fixtures reduce energy costs and improve the quality of light emitted. The technical devices (such as controls and switches) are now enabling homeowners to adjust lighting in individual rooms and their entire home by the touch of a remote button.

Below are some of the lighting options many homeowners are getting excited about:


Experts agree that LED is the future of lighting. Not only do LED bulbs last up to 10X longer than standard lamps (like CFL and Halogen), they’re also the most environmentally friendly light bulbs. These bulbs are up to 90% energy efficient, allowing you to create more light with less electricity.


Timers and dimmers are just a few of the popular lighting controls that make it easy to customise the ambiance of your home. Dimmers work well in bedrooms,kitchens, and living areas. Timers do best in outdoor areas where fixtures are often set to turn on and off at specific times. By wiring patio lights to turn on at dusk (or when motion is detected), homeowners can use modern lighting technology to protect their home.


One of the most sophisticated lighting innovations is the development of whole-home lighting. Although there are a number of systems now on the market, industry leaders have gained notoriety for their continuous innovations. The most recent of which allows homeowners to turn on and dim lighting (in any room of their home) via a Smartphone or tablet.


The table lamp may have been created decades ago, but that won’t stop modern-day tech fans from adjusting it to meet today’s futuristic needs. By allowing users to charge their phones from the fixture itself, these smart lighting solutions allow businesses and students the opportunity to work from locations where no USB outlet is available.

Today,reputable manufacturers continue to improve smart lighting solutions for home and business use. It’s safe to say that the near future will bring almost a complete transition into smart lighting,allowing homes and cities to operate their lights and electricity remotely. For now, however, we can enjoy the improved energy efficiency and automation devices available in the lighting market.

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