Sonos One coming in five limited edition colors for $229 on November 5th

Getting a little bored with the drab gray, white, and black speaker options that Apple, Amazon, and Google are selling? Today, Sonos is kicking off sales of its special edition Sonos One that was produced in collaboration with HAY, a Danish design brand. The new colors — yellow, green, red, pink, and gray — will be available beginning November 5th for $229. So buyers will be paying a $30 premium for a more vibrant speaker; the standard Sonos One in black or white retails for $199.


The limited edition Sonos Ones won’t be available from all of the company’s usual resellers. You’ll be able to get the HAY colors from, at the Sonos store in Manhattan, or at the MoMA design store. No Amazon or Best Buy, I’m afraid.

But they look really sharp. I was able to see the collection recently, and the red and yellow options would be the front-runners for me, personally. Just be forewarned that the “vibrant red” Sonos One can take on more of a pink tone depending on room lighting. Compare the shot above from Sonos to the one below that I snapped:



A blue speaker seems like the obvious missing piece, but maybe next time. Either way, it’s nice to finally see some color in these things beyond the colorful Google Home Mini; Google’s larger speakers keep it just as simple (and as boring) as the competition. It’s a bit disappointing that “limited edition” also means more expensive in this case. On the subject of Google Assistant, Sonos told me that the goal is still bringing it to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam by the end of the year.

And remember that the special edition Beastie Boys Play:5 will be released in December for the standard $499 price. Here’s the really cool bit about that: 100 percent of proceeds will go to Peace Sisters and Little Kids Rock on behalf of the Adam Yauch Foundation. But Sonos tells me that the Beastie Boys speaker will get an extremely limited production run. If you want it, you probably shouldn’t waste much time when it launches at, the Sonos NYC shop, and at “select retailers worldwide.”



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