Staying Safe From Electrical Hazards After A Storm or Flood

Cleaning up after a storm or flood can be a dangerous exercise and people should take steps to ensure they stay safe.

Residents in flood affected areas should:


  • Listen to the radio for a warning from the authorities.
  • Contact their power company if power infrastructure has been damaged.
  • Check their property for signs of electrical danger, such as damage to wiring.


While outside, it’s important to keep clear of electrical cables and other conductive material that may be lying near the home. Stay away from street signs, foil insulation and street lights as they can carry an electrical current.

People should carefully avoid fallen power lines, especially when they are travelling by boat through flooded areas. Any fallen lines should be reported immediately to the emergency services.

Appliances that have been damaged by water should not be used as these can cause electric shock.

It’s also essential that people call licensed contractors to carry out any electrical repairs rather than trying to do it them themselves.


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