The Future Will be Connected With Smart Homes

It’s not really that hard to imagine the house of the future. If you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things (IoT), you will soon! Connected appliances, that seem to know exactly what you want and when you want it, are already establishing themselves in the market. They can turn on and off by themselves, and anticipate your behaviour in and around the house. They are electronics that you can access remotely, lighting systems that can predict the right tone of lighting for any situation, and they are the appliances of your future smart home.

Below are some examples of how convenient living may look like in the future. You might be surprised by the technologies that are already available, and by others which could be in your home in just a few years!


Steps have already been taken towards making the dream of the smart home possible. Last year, for example, Google launched a new product, OnHub. While this is technically a network router, it involves new features allowing you to effectively network your home (and supports a growing array of smart home appliances), giving you control over your home devices.

Samsung SmartThings is another example of how home automation is pretty much around the corner. SmartThings is a platform that allows lots of different functioning smart devices to be connected through one hub, and to be easily controlled by one app only. These can include lighting, door locks, cameras, entertainment systems and more.

But the mission of SmartThings does not end here. More products are being released, some of which will benefit home security, and others that will be aimed at convenience and entertainment. Samsung is also working with lots of brands which are integrating SmartThings to their products, so regardless the brand or a specific product people use, they’d still be able to access the hub.

Samsung also gets direct feedback from social media, and uses that to determine what people want, as everyone has different needs.

Another case of home automation technology is Amazon‘s cloud-based virtual assistant, Alexa. Alexa is the brain behind Amazon Echo, a freestanding in-home speaker, which is a type of virtual assistant, that lets users control smart home devices using voice commands. It is always on and can be operated hands-free.


We’ve already reviewed the general ideas and steps being taken towards smart homes. Let’s have a look then at specific smart elements the homes of the future could have… and some that are already being sold!

Hush ear plugs

These smart earplugs not only block annoying sounds that could keep you from sleeping (like snoring from your partner or the neighbour’s dog’s barking) but they can also transmit the alarms you’ve set so you still wake up on time! They can also lull you to sleep with gentle sounds.


Okay, if the question “What am I going to eat tonight?” is not your most hated dilemma after a long day of work and a semi-empty fridge, then you’re probably a robot already. Luckily, for us real humans, MAID is here; a smart microwave that can tell you what to eat, and will provide the full recipe and assistance in preparation. It can also link to any fitness device to keep track of your calories.


MonBaby is the baby monitor which takes digital parenting to the next level. Regular monitors are great when the baby is crying or moving, but not so much when the baby is still. MonBaby is a little button which attaches to the baby’s vest, and transmits their breathing rate and sleep position, so you can check that your little one is doing fine from the comfort of your bed.

Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality days are here already, so imagine how it’ll be in the future: probably the equivalent to what the line telephone once was. The Oculus Rift it’s still in its early days, but the future looks bright for the gadget, which will likely be used for creating a virtual chatroom where you and your friends can meet, watching a concert first row from the comfort of your house, or just for very realistic gaming. The possibilities are endless!

Sleep Number SleepIQ

Sleep Number SleepIQ is a complete sleep tracker, which will track you personally, not you and your partner. It will tell you how long you have been still for, how much you moved, how deep you slept and you heart and breathing patterns. In addition, it can also tells you which type of mattress would suit you best according to your sleeping needs.

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