Why you Need an Electrical Safety Check

No one hesitates to call an electrician when a switch becomes faulty or they suffer an unexpected blackout because of faulty wiring. Similarly, most workers are used to conforming to work health safety regulations in their day-to-day work.

Surprisingly however, most consumers don’t transfer the same concerns for health and safety when it comes to their own home and it is only with some reluctance that they obtain a home safety inspection.

This is surprising even the evidence at hand of house fires starting because of faulty wiring or overloaded circuits. It should be a natural human concern to not only make sure our homes are safe for ourselves and our children, but also to protect our most precious financial investment, our home.

These days home safety inspections are often supported by state governments all local councils so that there is almost no excuse to avoid ordering an expert electrician to perform an audit at your house. In order to allay any fears, let’s take a look at what happens during an inspection and, more importantly, why you need an electrical safety check.

  • A safety check involves making sure your electrical circuits and equipment are not overloaded. Deficiencies and potential problems are easily highlighted so that any electrical hazards in the installation can be rectified immediately.
  • Many older houses that have not been inspected for many years may still be equipped with faulty earthing or bonding which means they may be a time bomb waiting to explode.
  • Only approved electrical home safety inspectors are authorised to carry out government funded safety inspections, so you are assured of getting a thorough assessment.


During an assessment the inspector will do a visual audit and run some detailed tests with the power switch off. Once the tests are completed your system is restored to its original condition and you will receive advice of the inspection along with an explanation of the implications.

The report you receive will generally contain an assessment of the overall condition of your electrical installation and whether it is safe or in need of remedial work. It will summarise the results of the tests and any limitations that existed when the testing was done along with a list of items that need attention.

The main reason for having an electrical inspection done is simply to have peace of mind knowing that you are safe. An inspection is vital if:

  • Your house is more than 25 years old and has not had an inspection.
  • You have old wiring in your house.
  • You have any concerns about equipment that has been operating erratically, especially if appliances more than 5 years old.
  • You are selling your property. This is a good selling point to present to any potential buyers.

An added advantage of having an electrical services inspection of your property is that it could uncover some issues which, once repaired, can actually save you money.

This is the cause the inspection will also involve recommendations for replacing lightbulbs with green energy alternatives and suggestions about other power saving options you could undertake.

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